My Favorite Things: Cheap Travel

With the summer heating up, I thought I’d share two of my favorite methods for finding and tracking cheap flights.


If you have a specific date and location for travel, I recommend downloading the Hopper phone app. Once you key in your intended travel dates plus the departure and arrival cities, the bunny will get to work predicting the most affordable time to book your flight. It will also pull up a calendar with green, yellow, and red dates to indicate the cheapest, mid-range, and most expensive dates, respectively, to fly to that particular destination (this calendar feature works wonderfully if you have some flexibility with your dates). Hopper will also display the current price of the ticket along with a prediction about its movement over time up to, and, until, the date of the flight. If it tells you to wait, then do just that until it sends you a notification in the future about when to book. I know this can be hard, but it’s worth it to save that $$$.

Another cool feature is the ability to select multiple destinations and/or regions of the world using the “Flex Dates”, i.e., flexible date ranges option. This is great for travelers that have multiple dream destinations. For example: if you know you’d like to travel in the winter to either Barcelona, Dublin, or Aruba, you can select those three locations for which Hopper will then send you notifications about when the price of each flight is at its lowest. This method adds some excitement to the whole experience because you don’t know which place will be the cheapest!


  1. At any point you can go into the app to check the status of the flights and see Hopper’s prediction about when to book.
  2. Hopper gives additional options within each flight to avoid long layovers in favor of cheaper flights, or vice versa.
  3. Be sure to “turn on” the notifications for the app or you’ll miss out on valuable deals.

Scott’s Cheap Flights

This hidden gem does all of the legwork for you and sends email updates whenever a new super cheap flight is discovered by their team. The emails from Scott’s Cheap Flights come sporadically and with no apparent pattern, so you never know what surprise will arrive to your inbox. Recent ones I’ve seen include flights to Quebec for $300, Madrid for $400, Hong Kong for $500, and U.S. Virgin Islands for $300. Unlike Hopper, SCF’s doesn’t give you the flight dates/times, rather, you have to search for the flights yourself using the criteria (destination/dates) provided.

The only work that you have to do is sign-up for the free emails and select your city of departure. There’s a paid, premium version that includes additional deals, however, I haven’t seen a reason to upgrade to that yet. What I do need is more paid time off!

Happy traveling!



Disclaimer: I am not receiving compensation for this post, nor am I affiliated with these companies in any way.